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Pyramids, Rocks, and Engineering.

Today’s post will be about Ancient Aliens again. Hopefully this is not skewing viewers away from the post just because they disagree with the show itself. Admittedly every viewpoint on the show should not be agreed with. Much of the shows questions and speculations are based on a “what if” and then following their own “what if” they pose an “and if so” which is just ridiculous to speculate upon a speculation. That being said however, the fact that much of what they speak of is in the form of actual physical items. Ones that you, and anyone else, if they have the appropriate funds, can travel to and see with their own eyes. Examples of these sites would be Cairo, Egypt to the Giza Plateau, Puma Punku and Tiahuanaco in Bolivia, Angor Wat in Cambodia, Easter Island off the coast of Chile,¬†Teotihuacan just outside of Mexico City, the many numerous Mayan and Olmec sites in Central and South America, Matchu Picchu in the Cuzco region of Peru, The Baalbek Temple in Lebanon, and even the supposed underwater structure off the coast of Yonaguni, Japan.

A bunch of locations were just named and the common factor amongst all of them is that all of these places, according to history books, have not had any communication in the past. Yet, in all of these locations the medium of choice to construct temples was Rock. Now, it may be logical to believe that these “primitive cultures” used stone because they were “stone age people”, but why then would these primitives build with a material that is so hard to work with. It has been said that they built structures this way so that they will last for eternity, and this point is extremely valid. However, if no communication was made between them then why would Egyptians build pyramids, as well as, the the Mayans of Teotihuacan be a whole world away from each other yet they both built Pyramids on a massive scale. According to History books, and modern academia, Egypt’s Giza Necropolis was constructed, or at least the great pyramid, in 2,500 BCE and was the largest man made structure on earth until the Eiffel Tower was built in 1889. That being said, the great Pyramid was built and was the tallest structure on earth for 3,800 years! It took modern man making metals to even consider making structures that tall. Yet “Primitive” cultures did it like it was no problem. They quarried, carved, transported, and placed millions of tons of stone in perfect precise orders so that it matched the stars in the sky (known as Archeo-astronomy). This task seems unfathomable today, and there is no chance we would undertake this task today.

Modern Day construction techniques involving moving massive rocks takes machines that man has made to help him in the process. We use explosives to blast chunks of rock out of quarries, and if we have to transport these stones up a hill we must make a road, reshape the very structure of the land we are moving around. The Egyptians did not have machines, yet they moved stones of over 30 tons, and in some cases hundreds of tons, and moved them from quarries over 600 miles away. This task seems Ridiculous in today’s terms.

In Lebanon there is the Baalbek Temple which has three stones that all weigh over 1200 tons. That is over 2.4 million pounds Per Stone. They are placed so close together that a knife cannot be put in between them. Not to mention they are lifted over thirty feet off the ground. These ancient cultures had to have had some sort of ancient techniques that have been lost to the history books. Man power can only get you so far, and the wooden roller theory does not work for all cases. The use of stone all around the world must be sign of a lost culture. One that must pre-date the Sumerians, or in fact was their predecessor, that had access to information on the manipulation of rocks. Something will be discovered someday that hopefully will shine light on this issue. Until then, it seems, we must fathom and speculate a multitude of scenarios as to how these ancient builders accomplished these feats. Human ingenuity should not be discredited, and unlike the show Ancient Aliens it might not have been E.T.’s, but in fact just a lost culture. A Culture that is not given enough credit for their accomplishments. These ancients cultures were more than likely more in touch with the world than we are today. A symbiotic relationship between the world and the people. Creating a self-reflective, aware consciousness able to achieve amazing feats. These ancient cultures must be discovered to re-write history, and show that we have been a civilized society for much longer than history tells us.

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Ancient Engineering 2

To most people, if you mention the name Puma Punku they would look at you a bit confused, unless they know what you were referring to. Puma Punku is located in the high altitude region of Bolivia. Amongst researchers and archeologists the area has a lot of mystery and riddles that are indeed going to be challenging to solve. For Example, there are these so called “H-Blocks”, which the video below will show you, and these blocks are found in massive quantities throughout this ancient site. The fascinating thing about these blocks is that every single one is cut and shaped exactly the same. Many different people have traveled to the site and all of them record that these blocks are the same throughout the whole complex. This suggests that some sort of prefabrication process was taking place, in other words there is just no way for human hands to cut sculpt and make these stones the exact same every single time. That is why nowadays we have machines that build things for us, because they get it the exact same every time.

This is only the surface of the puzzle. The “H-Blocks” not only are all the same dimensions, but the stone of choice to use as the medium for these blocks is granite. Granite typically is cut using diamonds. Diamond saws, or rotating saws, or high water pressure are just a fraction of the amount of techniques used to cut granite in today’s time, but these techniques and machines were not available even remotely close to when this site was constructed.

Even if you are not a fan of the show Ancient Aliens, the shear fact that a place like this exist, and there are massive rocks, of extreme density, that are cut, carved, moved, stacked, and sculpted into whatever the artists behind its construction wanted. Evidently whatever technique the people of this area were using was something that we need to get a hold of today. Once again it makes you wonder just how sophisticated these Ancient cultures were. To take something as hard to work with as Rock, and make an entire complex out of it with complex geometrical designs within the stone, makes you think just how they did it.

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A Lost History

Growing up you learn things. These things you learn you carry with you for most of your life. For some people the thing they think the most about is history. Where did we come from? Who were our ancestors? How long have we been erect walking, talking, deep conversation having homo sapiens? When did we move out of caves and start farming, agriculture, medicine, and society in general?

The History you learn in schools, according to modern academia is all correct, and every opinion that goes along with the already established status quo is accepted, and printed into all text books for our future generations to learn from. However, if an opinion, or even a discovery is made, that goes against the already established academic writings, then it is demonized, scrutinized, criticized, and ultimately laughed at and dismissed as if some kid wrote a funny letter. Obviously no one wants to be told what they have been studying for the last decade was false, but that is exactly what happens. Look back four or five hundred years ago and people were being burned at the stake because they said that the Earth was not the center of the universe. People were beaten and arrested for disagreeing with history already put into place. Columbus was told he would sail off of the world on his journey to the new world, because everyone KNEW the world was flat. Let’s leap forward in time to 1994 when a farmer in the southeast area of turkey stumbled upon the ruins of an ancient site.

After nearly a decade of excavations at the site they have only unearthed an estimated 10-15% of the total complex that lies, buried, under the sand. This area has become known as Gobekli Tepe, and researchers have been doing carbon dating as they excavate and they are only finding more and more interesting anomalies along the way. For example, this site dates back to at least 11,000 BCE (For those that need further explanation, that is over 13,000 years before the current era). Now if this is even remotely true, and indeed it is, then the history of humanity has just doubled. We are showing that not only were we civilized, but we were artistic, engineers, planners, organizers, and lovers of the earth and stars. Gobekli Tepe is an example that not only does history sometimes change, but the entire fabric of what we think we know, and what we may learn, can change with the discovery of one item.

The video below talks of ancient cities, and ancient sites that lay buried underneath the waters of our world. The last time some of these sites were above water was at the end of the last ice age. These sites all show that man has been around for a lot longer than we’ve been given credit for. We were civilized and efficient during a time period when history books would say we were just “primitive stone age” people. The entire episode is not to be taken word for word, neither is anything that has been typed here, the only thing this blog wishes to accomplish is to give you, the reader, a new perspective on random things. Perspective is one of the ultimate keys to life. Enjoy the video…

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